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Kid Friendly
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It is essential that food manufacturers realize the importance of providing healthier foods for children, and specifically foods that do not stimulate fat-storage in the prime fat cell development years in children, which occur from birth to age 18.

KID FRIENDLY ICE CREAM AND FROZEN DESSERTS have taken an aggressive step forward in the alliance of food manufacturers who are committed to providing solutions to the obesity epidemic in children.


KID FRIENDLY ICE CREAM AND FROZEN DESSERTS are the first to be Certified Low Glycemic with a Low Cephalic Index.

KID FRIENDLY ICE CREAM has undergone numerous Human In Vivio Clinical Trials to validate its Low Glycemic, Diabetic-Friendly status, in children.

Protocol for Clinical Determination
of Kid Friendly Perimeters

Clinical Investigation Protocols
Calculations & Statistical Analysis

Quantification of Perimeters for "Kid Friendly" Protocols
Research Design and Methods
Analysis Directive
Glycemic Index & Load
Cephalic Phase Insulin Response (CPIR)

Adipose Tissue Fat Storage & Replication

Advanced Clinical Studies Human Adipose Tissue Fat
Mathematic Modeling Methods
Costs & Procedures for Kid Friendly Clinical Trials

Childhood Obesity Epidemic

The number of overweight children aged 6-11 has more than doubled in the past 20 years. Current estimates show that 32 percent of U.S. children are overweight, while 16 percent are obese.

Parents are struggling to control and prevent their children from becoming yet another statistic in the obesity/diabetes epidemic.

Researchers are now predicting that one of every two children will develop Type 2 diabetes because of excess weight, which raises the probability that they will die as much as 20 years younger than their parents.

Children in the United States are completely surrounded by fattening foods and beverages. Even infant formulas contain added sugar, so from birth, children are ingesting ingredients that increase the size of fat cells and trigger fat cells to increase in number.

The creation of an abundance of fat cells in children makes it almost impossible for that child to maintain normal weight or to lose weight as the child grows. By age 18, the stage has already been set for a child to be slim or obese.

Sensory Optimization and Physiochemical Properties of Kid Friendly Low Glycemic Frozen Desserts


To develop Low Glycemic, Non-Cephalic ice cream and frozen desserts with the same physicochemical properties and sensory qualities of sucrose-sweetened ice cream, and ice cream produced with chemical sweeteners.

Over a 5-year period, Human In Vivo Clinical Trials were conduced on KID FRIENDLY ICE CREAM to quantify the biochemical and metabolic properties of Low Glycemic, Non-Cephalic frozen desserts in children and adults.

Sugars and sweeteners, despite the caloric or carbohydrate content, are capable of high glycemic reactions on blood glucose and insulin levels. Sweeteners previously believed to have a glycemic response of zero have recently been proven to have definite glycemic properties. Most sugars/sweeteners trigger both Cephalic and Glycemic responses.

The Cephalic Response of a food or beverage is directly related to fat-storing, obesity and diabetes in humans. The Cephalic Response of diet colas/sodas is linked to weight gain, even more profoundly than regular sugar-laden sodas/colas.

In order to produce Low Glycemic, Non-Cephalic natural frozen desserts, a natural base must be formulated with specific properties that correspond with the mouth-feel and sensory properties of typical ice cream products.


Said base was developed by glycemic researchers beginning in 1997. The properties of a frozen dessert base acceptable for children had to meet a variety of biochemical properties as related to childhood fat cell size and replication, blood glucose levels, insulinogenic response, obesity index, and diabetes index. The base also had to maintain a “natural” profile and match freezing curves required in the production of ice cream products.


Sweet taste and sweetness profiles of the base were optimized for frozen desserts, and the resulting ice cream products were tested in children for Taste Approval. In the clinical trials, all children reported that the KID FRIENDLY ICE CREAM was “Equal to, or better than, the best ice cream they had ever eaten.”


Low Glycemic foods and diets are linked to weight control, health benefits, reduction of type 2 diabetes, and insulin resistance. High Glycemic foods and diets are associated with heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

The Cephalic Index is also referred to as “Brain Glycemic Indexing” as the glycemic excursions evidenced by ingestion of High Cephalic foods are even higher than those related to ingestion of High Glycemic foods.

Sweet treats are integrated into our society and denial of treats feels like punishment to a child.

Providing diabetic and non-diabetic children with Low Glycemic, Non-Cephalic frozen desserts allows sweet treats to be enjoyed by the entire family without attendant guilt.

KID FRIENDLY researchers have also developed chocolate candy, gummy bears, and candies that meet the same guidelines as the frozen desserts

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